Placemat From Coconut Sticks (Wedding Gift)

You can look at the picture following a wedding gift. This is a placemat made from palm sticks which are color-coded to add beauty. The position of the placemat is open, so it is not packed. In the previous post I've written about the placemat from coconut sticks already packaged. To post now indeed deliberately show saucer of oil sticks that are still open and has not been packaged or original. Placemat from coconut sticks are a product of Jogjakarta, Indonesia. If you are traveling to Indonesia precisely in Jogjakarta, you can buy a placemat from coconut sticks for souvenirs or for your wedding gift, relatives or friends. Placemat price of oil stick is very cheap, so it can save your costs. What do you think?

wedding souvenir
Placemat coconut stick (Image source : souvenir pernikahan)